Ancient Paths to Initiations

for Women, Men and Youth


For centuries, initiations were an integral part of  the experience of life, and remain so today within many indigenous cultures. But their transformative power and joy have been lost within the haze of  modern Western culture.


We offer an intimate and experiential 6-month program of initiation, so that you too may experience that transformative power and joy. Drawing upon tradition and ceremony from a wide range of indigenous cultures, these intensive, and powerful journeys  are facilitated by Patricia Turner, Biological Anthropologist and Founder of The Sacred Earth Foundation.  


Much more than just rites of passage, you will learn through ceremony and personal work to find your own true calling, and to discover the unique gifts you carry in this life. It is about remembering who you really are, reconnecting to Mother Earth and finding your own immensity within.


Some of the ceremonies and traditions you will experience include:

  • Reconciliation ceremonies from New Guinea

  • Practices of the Dagara tribe of Africa

  • Rituals of gratitude from Chumash and Mayan traditions

  • Burials: letting go of the past, cleansing yourselves, feeling the oneness with Mother Earth to arise in the wisdom of who you truly are. 

  • Fire ceremony and fire walking

  • Sacred Lodge

  • 4-day wilderness Vision Quest


This program requires a deep, 6-month committment. Groups meet monthly for one weekend each month (1 pm Saturday - 4 pm Sunday). The final session culminates in a 4-day Vision Quest (Friday afternoon through Monday evening). All sessions are held on the grounds of the Sacred Earth Sanctuary in the center of Colorado.


We offer this opportunity on an annual basis, for coed, men's and women's groups.


Cost is $150 per month for 5 months and $350 for the 4-day Vision Quest.

Our dates for 2016 will be announced before the end of the year.  We will offer an introduction to this process either late in February or early March 2016.  

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 The Sacred Earth Foundation's Women's Initiations Program is fun, intense and transformative. The ceremonies, traditions, songs and prayers from indigenous cultures worldwide fed my soul on the deepest levels.  It will lovingly and joyously push you beyond your perceived limitations!

- E.K.

Each month we  peeled back layers to reveal our true essence...We learned so much about ourselves, and it was truly a life-changing experience. We forged strong friendships through our experiences together and I have wonderful new friends to laugh and cry with.

                                                                                                                                                       K.J.  (Boulder)



I have waited a while to write this because of how deeply the Initiations affected me. I feel as if I have been broken into a thousand pieces, only to find that most of those pieces are not me. No sense trying to put them back together because they never fit anyway. I'm proud that I honored my self enough to go through the Initiations and I'm enjoying finding out who I really am. I offer my sincere thanks to you Pati, you are an inspiration.                                                        

                                                                                                              Michael,  (Manitou Springs)