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In Their Own Words 

Listen to some of our visiting elders, healers and medicine people in their own words. Explore our Multimedia section for music, videos, audio and more.​

Art Cisneros

Chumash Firekeeper

Selected Music of the Chumash People
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Tu Paq Uwtu (Songs of the Chumash Nation


Ancestor Song (Songs of the Chumash Nation


Angaangaq, Shaman of Greenland in Santa Barbara, CA

John Lockley

Xhosa Sangoma

Itzhak Beery: Making sense of chaotic times

Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq honoring Aanakasaa / Kalaallit Nunaat | Greenland | Grönland

Pati Turner at 11:11 Star Knowledge Conference

You can also hear Pati on Searcher's Roadmap here
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