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Marriage Ceremonies 


We offer non-traditional wedding ceremonies based on teachings of indigenous wisdom keepers from around the globe. 


Patricia J. Turner
Patricia, "Pati" is a licensed Minister, The Founder of The Sacred Earth Foundation and a student of nearly 20 years to indigenous elders from Greenland to Peru.

Pati is a Marine Research Scientist and Biological Anthropologist.  She entered the field of science because she wished to offer some healing for the earth. During this time, she also took courses in Anthropology and became passionate about the wisdom of our inigenous brothers and sisters. She has spent more than 15 years traveling to be with the Huichol people of Mexico, Learning from Shamans and Medicine people from the Eskimo people of Greenland to the Quechua People of Peru. Many of her teachings have also come from Grandmother Walking Thunder (Dine' Medicine Woman) and from Art Cisneros (Chumash Firekeeper). 

Your Ceremony
Explore with us your vision of your wedding.  Do you want a 2 hour wedding or do you want a ceremony that may last up to 2 days with traditional customs from ancient times?  Either way, we will make your marriage filled with blessings.

If you are wishing for a unique experience outside of traditional wedding ceremonies, we would  like to offer you an opportunity to partake in some ancient traditions. We also encourage you and your wedding party to partake in a sweat lodges for cleansing and shedding what no longer serves you prior to your wedding date. Your Marriage ceremony will take place in the location of your choosing.  We also happily offer a more traditional ceremony  that can include ancient traditions and experiences.  

 CONTACT:                719-629-8055

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