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We are so thrilled to have John return to Colorado and The Sacred Earth Sanctuary, It has been much too long.

John is one of the first white men, in recent history, to become a fully initiated sangoma in the Xhosa lineage of South Africa.  He is also the author of the book "Leopard Warrior".

He was born, in 1971, into a divided Apartheid South Africa, with the mark of the sangoma on his face – a band of white birth skin around the eyes. At 18, John was serving in the South African army as a medic (during the war with Angola in the 1980s) when he had a strong, prophetic dream calling him to train as a Xhosa sangoma. He immediately began to suffer from the thwasa, a severe period of ill-health that is inherent in all ancient shamanic cultures which can only be cured through apprenticeship to a shamanic teacher. Because of the restrictions of Apartheid (which ended in 1994) it would take John seven years to find a Xhosa teacher.


What: The Way of the Leopard
When: Oct. 29-31  $450 Monday is working on Dreams and Integration

Oct. 29-30 $375  
Where: The Sacred Earth Sanctuary

RSVP:   pati@sacredearthfound.org


  • How to connect to your Ancestors and your humanity (Ubuntu)

  • Listen to your Heart-beat through trance dancing & Meditation

  • Work with your Dreams (night time journeys)


Welcome to this 3-day interactive ceremony to help you to connect to your Spirit and the Spirits of Nature.  

Sat 29 (9:30am - 5pm), Sun 30th (9:30am - 5pm), Monday 31st (9:30am - 1pm). 

The Leopard is one of the most revered totem animals in Southern Africa. The reason is because it represents intuitive intelligence and nobility of spirit. The Leopard represents harmony between the spirit and mundane worlds. 

Participants will learn how to connect to their Spirit and spirits through an intricate ceremony conducted in a circle around an earth altar or shrine.  The ceremony is an interactive, dynamic process involving Trance dancing or ‘shaking medicine’, Dream work and a Plant medicine (non-hallucinogenic) cleansing ritual. 

“In order to feel like the leopard, we need to move and dance like the leopard”. With ‘SHAKING MEDICINE,’ John will show participants how to energise their spine to awaken their intuition. This is a gentle dance open to all fitness levels. It is a wonderful way to awaken the heart and connect to the heart-beat, the first step in learning indigenous tracking.

NB: This Ceremony requires all participants to engage with their own process 100%. It requires the hearts of warriors, fearless individuals who are not afraid to face their own Shadows.

Traditional African divination involves looking into the ‘soul’ of the client and channeling information from the ancestral/spirit world in order to help people on their Life Path. This type of divination can be very helpful in guiding you to your life’s purpose as well as forging a path of re-connection to your ancestors and spirit guides.This ancient method of Divination is direct consultation with the spirit world for advice about the growth of one’s spirit--a personal ceremony.


Unlike many western counseling or divining traditions, these divination ceremonies tend toward direct communication of spiritual advice, and do not generally go deeply into the stories and narratives of the client's life.

Clients can expect homework. John will relate a course of action involving prayers and/or treatments based on the divination, or advice on what the spirit needs for growth at this time. The true value of the session becomes apparent throughout this unfolding process, as the treatments are completed and operate in the spiritual world.

John is gifted in two different divination techniques. The first is Xhosa, where he channels ancestral energy. This is called ‘vumisa’, (meaning, ‘ancestral agreement’). The second is Zulu, where he throws the bones.

There is time after the divination for the client to ask questions, discuss what is revealed, and whether or not it is in accordance with how the client is living their life.

Places to Stay
Some of these are closed in winter so check Florissant and Lake George for the closest lodging. 


See a wonderful interview with John Here


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What To Bring

A plastic foot basin (square shape), room to place both feet. • Towel • 3 white candles • box of matches or lighter • white sage for smudging • Blanket for meditation • 2L Bottle of water to mix herbs in • Dream journal to record dreams • yoga mat & meditation cushion

• A yummy dish to share for our afternoon potluck

Recommended and highly suggested

Refrain from intoxicants (like marijuana, drugs etc) and alcohol for a min of 4 days before our weekend ceremony. This will help to heighten their weekend experience and dream recall.

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To schedule your appointment, contact:


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 The nearest airport is Colorado Springs and it's an hour and 15 minutes to my place.  The nearest lodging would be Lake George or Florissant.  Both are about 15 minutes away. Alternatively it would be Woodland Park or Divide 30 to 40 minute drive.

PLEASE NOTE  the sweatlodge is not a part of the weekend with John but something we offer several times per year.

We offer opportunities to share in the lodge several times per year.  This is not a part of the events with John.

Few experiences are more profound and

inspiring  then that of a Sacred Lodge.  We offer opportunities to engage in this ancient tradition several times per year.

It is such a stunning way to bring our community together again.  We truly open our hearts to each other and to the Great Mystery.


Please be aware that our lodges are not done in Lakota tradition.  Water will be poured by Pati Turner who has spent over 20 years learning from indigenous elders from around the globe and our lodges are a living ceremony that changes according to its calling.

We are currently limiting the number of people inside the lodge to 15 and you must be vaccinated to enter or come with a negative covid test from the last 24 hours.  This is in no way a judgement or political but we believe in the science and wish to keep all participants safe.


What to bring:


  • light clothing for in the lodge

  • dry clothes for after and a raincoat

  • water bottles

  • towel

  • blanket

  • yummy dish to share at our feast following the lodge


Donations are greatly appreciated.  Suggested is $30 but everyone is welcome regardless of funds.

Please RSVP pati@sacredearthfound.org