Upcoming Events

What: Sacred Sweat Lodge

When: Sunday, Dec. 19, at 1.00 pm

Where: The Sacred Earth Sanctuary

RSVP:   pati@sacredearthfound.org


Few experiences are more profound and

inspiring  then that of a Sacred Lodge.  We offer opportunities to engage in this ancient tradition several times per year.

It is such a stunning way to bring our community together again.  We truly open our hearts to each other and to the Great Mystery.


Please be aware that our lodges are not done in Lakota tradition.  Water will be poured by Pati Turner who has spent over 20 years learning from indigenous elders from around the globe and our lodges are a living ceremony that changes according to its calling.

We are currently limiting the number of people inside the lodge to 15 and you must be vaccinated to enter.  This is in no way a judgement or political but we believe in the science and wish to keep all participants safe.


  • light clothing for in the lodge

  • dry clothes for after

  • water bottles

  • towel

  • blanket

  • yummy dish to share at our feast following the lodge

What to bring:



Donations are greatly appreciated.  Suggested is $30 but everyone is welcome regardless of funds.

Please RSVP pati@sacredearthfound.org