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Itzhak Beery and the Beauty of Shamanism 

We hope to bring Itzhak back as soon as it is safe.

Itzhak Beery (www.itzhakbeery.com) is a leading shamanic teacher, healer, speaker, community activist, and author of three Amazon bestsellers books. He received 'Ambassador for Peace Award’ from The Universal Peace Federation and the UN.

Itzhak apprenticed with Taita Don José Joaquin Pineda a well-known fifth-generation Ecuadorian Quechua Yachak (shaman) from the village of Iluman, who initiated him into the Sacred 24 Yachaks Circle of Imbabura. He was also initiated by Shoré, an Amazonian Kanamari Pajè (shaman) on the banks of the Rio Negro.


What: Guayusa Dream Tea and Rapé Ceremonies

When: September 4 at 7pm

Where: The Sacred Earth Sanctuary


The Night Watchman: Amazonian Guayusa Dream Tea Ceremony  


This is a powerful shamanic experiential evening, where you will journey into the dimensions of dreamtime, and altered states. It is a vision quest that challenges your inner warrior, and your sense of space, time and direction, as you step into the mystery of dreamtime.

The Amazonian Kichwa people of Ecuador believe that the Guayusa plant taught human beings how to dream. It is also called “The Night Watchman” because it sharpens the hunter’s instincts
to keep focused energy, while bringing in night vision and awareness. Kichwa families drink gourds of Guayusa around the communal fire from dawn till sunrise as a way to create a tribal bond, and rejuvenate their spirit and bodies. During this time, they share their night’s dreams as the shaman interprets them, so they can plan the day’s course of action. This is also the time when the elders teach the youth about ancestral myths, hunting practices and social ethics.

Rapé Ceremony 

is a sacred medicine that has been used by tribes of the Amazon basin and is an essential part of their tribal medicinal culture. Rapé is made of wild tobacco with other herbs, seeds and tree ashes. Rapé is blown forcefully into the nostrils by the shaman with a special blowpipe. Rapé promote deep cleansing of the body, energetic field, emotions, mental stress, confusion and bring spiritual alignment. It clears the sinuses and blood flow to the brain.


Sleeping bag, blanket and pillow


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RSVP pati@sacredearthfound.org

What: The Gift in Trauma 

When: September 5-6 10am-4pm daily

Where: The Sacred Earth Sanctuary


Why does it always happen to me? Why do I have to go through this? What is my purpose? What is that feeling of emptiness? How can I motivate myself? You may be asking yourself these questions almost daily.

Emotional or physical Traumas, those shocking instances and realizations, when your body and emotions stop and freeze; when a feeling of helplessness or shame comes over you, and you experience soul loss.


These moments can offer a profound opportunity. Those harsh Life Lessons, when consciousness can gain an ephinany and re-direct your life back to walk your true soul path.

Itzhak shares the belief that each of us came into this life to experience and heal a unique, pre-birth soul-selected life purpose. The soul, that exquisite energy body, contains your life intent, a guiding force which you can tap into for the golden sap of direction. Knowing your life purpose gives you perspective on past events and current circumstances, and allows you to direct your life toward your soul’s highest intentions. 

At the workshop, we will be using a shamanic journey to find your spirit guide/power animal, artwork, movement, and ceremonies, this program awakens and aligns your dormant abilities, instilling your life journey with clarity, power, and conviction.

No previous experience in shamanism is necessary for you to benefit from this profound work on behalf of yourself or your clients.

Recommended reading before the workshop: Shamanic Healing: Ancient medicine for the Modern World

Bring a yummy dish to share for lunch each day

2 days of insight  $350 reserve your space


What: La Limpia

Private Healing Ceremony

When: September 7 by appointment

Where: The Sacred Earth Sanctuary


For millennia’s La Limpia, is practiced by the Yachaks–birdmen and women–curanderos, shamans, and healers–to ensure the well being of their communities. It is a multi-component physical and spiritual energy purification system.
Each of the elements (earth, fire, air, water) and tools (Trago-sugarcane rum, eggs, candles, smoke, flowers, herbs, plants, perfume, spears, and stones) used throughout the ceremony carry a spiritual symbolism and scientific reasoning.


La Limpia transforms the egg-shaped electromagnetic field –the illuminating body–surrounding our physical body, which gets contaminated by our life's bad energies such as traumas, memories, attachments, connection to ancestors, and other negative energies. It removes anger, curses, envy, bad air, energy attachments, and spirit possession. Hence, it creates a new surge of upbeat, positive energy, which allows for new clarity, better sleep and for true healing to take place. 

Itzhak oftens spends and hour or more with each patient.  $175

To schedule an appointment contact: pati@sacredearthfound.org           

Sacred Sweat Lodge 

What: Sweat Lodge

When: To be announced

Where: The Sacred Earth Sanctuary


 There are few experiences more powerful than entering the sacred lodge. There we learn the wisdom of the ancestors as we bring the hot Grandfathers to the womb of Mother Earth.  Feel the joy of our open hearts, our prayers, and our songs.   


The water is poured by Patricia Turner, Founder of The Sacred Earth Foundation, who has studied with elders for more than 20 years.   


The sacred lodge offers healing, shedding and rebirth.  This is not a traditional Lakota Inipi but our lodge is filled with spirit and joy integrating traditions from indigenous elders from around the globe. 



Wear warm clothing for outside and bring  loose cotton clothing for in the lodge, towel, blanket, water bottle and a yummy dish to share for our feast to follow.

Please RSVP pati@sacredearthfound.org   


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