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Upcoming Events

Ancient Paths of Initiation

What: The Journey Begins

When: March 21 at 1:00 pm

Where: The Sacred Earth Sanctuary


Each year The Sacred Earth Foundation offers a program of initiations founded on ancient traditions of indigenous cultures from around the world. Our program welcomes men and women ages 18 and up.

This program requires a deep commitment on the part of the initiates.  You must be available one weekend every month for 5 months beginning in March  and then for 4 days in August when you will immerse yourself in a vision quest.

Your guide will be Patricia Turner, a Biological Anthropologist and Founder of The Sacred Earth Foundation, who has spent more than 20 years working with and studying with indigenous elders from Peru to Greenland. 

If this speaks to you, you must you must be available on these dates:

March 21-22

April 25-26

May 16-17

June 20-21


Aug. 14-17


What: Sweat Lodge

When: to be announced

Where: The Sacred Earth Sanctuary


 We offer opportunities for our community to gather within the sacred lodge several times a year.  There we learn the wisdom of the ancestors as we bring the hot Grandfathers to the womb of Mother Earth.  Feel the power of our open hearts, our prayers, and our songs.   


The water is poured by Patricia Turner, Founder of The Sacred Earth Foundation, who has studied with elders for more than 20 years.   


The sacred lodge offers healing, shedding and rebirth.  This is not a traditional Lakota Inipi but our lodge is filled with spirit and joy integrating traditions from indigenous elders from around the globe. In this lodge we will explore immense gratitude.



Wear warm clothing for outside and bring  loose cotton clothing for in the lodge, towel, blanket, water bottle and a yummy dish to share for our feast to follow.

Please RSVP   

Donations are deeply appreciated but all are welcome regardless of funds: suggested is $30

Sacred Sweat Lodge