Upcoming Events

What: Itzhak Beery and the Wisdom of the Amazon
When: September 2-5, 2022
Where: The Sacred Earth Sanctuary

RSVP:   pati@sacredearthfound.org

"A new Pachacuti has begun, foreseen by an ancient Andes prophecy. The Condor of the South and the Eagle of the North fly together in a flight of collaboration, peace, and harmony. A radical consciousness shift. A return to the feminine power of the Earth. 
I share my indigenous and contemporary teacher's Condor Medicine with you with deep gratitude.  
​– Shungo (Kichwa - From my heart to yours."

Itzhak Beery" (www.itzhakbeery.com) is a leading shamanic teacher, healer, speaker, community activist, and author of three Amazon bestsellers books. He received 'Ambassador for Peace Award’ from The Universal Peace Federation and the UN.

Itzhak apprenticed with Taita Don José Joaquin Pineda a well-known fifth-generation Ecuadorian Quechua Yachak (shaman) from the village of Iluman, who initiated him into the Sacred 24 Yachaks Circle of Imbabura. He was also initiated by Shoré, an Amazonian Kanamari Pajè (shaman) on the banks of the Rio Negro.

You cannot spend time with Itzhak without feeling the joy and wonder he exhumes.


Join us in an experiential and intensive shamanic evening that takes you into the dimensions of Dreamtime and altered states to enable us to bring new visions and awareness into our lives. It is a short vision quest that challenges your inner warrior, sense of space, time, and direction. 


This is a special traditional ceremony. We'll honor the Guayusa tree spirit with chants, songs, and sound. We will share our visions to help us integrate them into our daily lives.

Guayusa is a super healthy elixir, full of nutrients and essential amino acids that improve mood and induce relaxation. It has double the antioxidants of green tea that help boost cardiovascular health, digestion, and the immune system.

A unique shamanic healing training weekend is based on Brazilian Amazonian and Ecuadorian High Andes traditions. Designed for novices with a healthy curiosity and those who have previous healing experience and want to add authentic shamanic-based healing bodywork methods to their toolbox. In these two full days, you will learn and, most importantly, experience, and practice (If time permitted) on your fellow participants the following:

- Energy Gazing – allows you to "see" the energy sphere surrounding a person and locate conditions, issues, traumas, and negative energies.

- Body Hand Scanning – Lay-of-hands technique to discover energy flow and blockages that might indicate body areas that need healing.

- Candle Flame & Egg Diagnostic Reading – A staple practice by the Yachaks of the High Andes that aids in finding out the root causes of their client's physical, emotional, and spiritual sickness. The reading is based on wax conditions, wick, colors, and flame shapes inside the egg.

- Tucuma Needles – This is a unique Brazilian Amazon technique. By tapping the palm tree thorns on the entire body, palms, and soles, you can diagnose malfunctioning organs, invigorate, and rebalance the body's total nervous system and alleviate physical and emotional buried pain.

- Aztec bodywork – A method of lay-of-hands diagnostic and energy rebalancing, in which images and insights are shared between the shaman and the client to explore deep issues.

Amazonian massage – is a unique method to help the digestive system function better and stimulate the body's skin, tissues, and muscles.  


Drum Healing– Use your drum vibrations as a tool to remove negative energies and heal deep into the organ and bones.

What: Private Healing Sessions
When: Friday September 2 

Appointment only 3 Available

When: Monday September 5

Only 6 Available 
Where: The Sacred Earth Sanctuary

RSVP:   pati@sacredearthfound.org

A private session with Itzhak is truly a profound experience.  Your session will last from 1 to 2 hours depending on your needs.

Shamanic healing works to reinstate a patient’s health by restoring the harmonious balance and connection to nature's oneness between the patient’s physical, soul and spirit components. Unlike western medicine, which focuses solely on curing a patient’s symptoms or manifestations of illness the Shamanic healing method is an all-encompassing system.

Since poor health, dysfunction and depression are signs that the patient is out of alignment, the Shamanic aspiration is to bring back into alignment the calling of the patient's souls, spirit's purpose and daily path. As such, after Shamanic healing, many patients report  of unanticipated results such as more restful sleep, increased clarity of thoughts, elimination of migraine headaches and physical pains, the ability to stop smoking, and improved digestion among other things.

The four elements are used to awaken and activate all of the patient’s senses: touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste. The goal is to infuse the patient with feelings of emotional and physical well being and balance, to allow the process of the healing to start. To accomplish this, the shaman facilitates a deep connection between the patient and the oneness of the universe, done through the opening of blocked energy channels between the four body and spirit areas. 


We offer opportunities to share in the lodge several times per year.  This is not a part of the events with Itzhak.

Few experiences are more profound and

inspiring  then that of a Sacred Lodge.  We offer opportunities to engage in this ancient tradition several times per year.

It is such a stunning way to bring our community together again.  We truly open our hearts to each other and to the Great Mystery.

Please be aware that our lodges are not done in Lakota tradition.  Water will be poured by Pati Turner who has spent over 20 years learning from indigenous elders from around the globe and our lodges are a living ceremony that changes according to its calling.

We are currently limiting the number of people inside the lodge to 15 and you must be vaccinated to enter.  This is in no way a judgement or political but we believe in the science and wish to keep all participants safe.

What to bring:


  • light clothing for in the lodge

  • dry clothes for after

  • water bottles

  • towel

  • blanket

  • yummy dish to share at our feast following the lodge


Donations are greatly appreciated.  Suggested is $30 but everyone is welcome regardless of funds.

Please RSVP pati@sacredearthfound.org