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About Tierra Sagrada

The Sacred Earth Foundation

Dedicated to the conservation of indigenous cultures, their territories and their wisdom.


CAN YOU FEEL IT? This incredible shift in the universal energy.  For many it brings confusion and depression.  For those of us working with our indigenous elders, it is inspiring great hope that nearly half of the world’s 10 million species of plants, animals and micro-organisms, as well as human kind, will be on the path to healing in this century.


The wisdom of ancient indigenous cultures has allowed them to dwell harmoniously within their native regions for thousands of years. Their knowledge of the biota has contributed to the production of modern pharmaceuticals and to the understanding of animal migrations. Consequences of the loss of this ancient wisdom are incalculable.

In these times of dynamic change, when the earth’s resources are diminishing at exponential rates, when the consciousness of man is sensing some innate calling toward spirit, the few remaining, communities still living in a truly sustainable manner on this planet are still living in joy and communion with nature.

Join us at The Sacred Earth Foundation as we bring this ancient wisdom forth to teach those of us living in the chaos of our society to walk differently upon Mother Earth, to join in community, to remember our own immensity within. These elders have been called by Mother Earth herself to share their wisdom and their love with us. 


Through the foundation we offer opportunities to learn from these healers, sweat lodges and initiations for men and women.  Join us as we bring this ancient wisdom to our contemporary lives.

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