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A Tantamount Trade

In 2013 I had a remarkable and talented woman in Ancient Paths of Initiation, the six -month program offered at The Sacred Earth Sanctuary. She is an incredibly astute designer of websites and has worked with Al Gore on several of his media ventures. She agreed to trade development of a new site for Tierra Sagrada for the cost of the program of initiations.

Our old website was in dire need of extrication and the trash and I gladly took her up on her proposal. She has exceeded all of my hopes but at one point she suggested that we completely delete an old slide show that was on the old site. It is not up to date in application and in reality is simply a form of powerpoint..

The powerpoint presentation I designed sometime around 2007 when I was still living in Santa Barbara and trying to get a community together to purchase some land for The Sacred Earth Events and for living quarters. People came in droves to discuss the venture but no one ever decided to move forward with it.

When my new web-designer suggested we throw this presentation out, I took another look at it and virtually went to my knees. Every slide in the presentation said,”will”. The Sacred Earth Sanctuary “will” provide: opportunities to learn from indigenous elders, sweat lodge, programs of initiations, etc. I realized in that moment of reviewing it that all the slides had to be changed to the word, “does”.

The Great Spirit brought me to this land and all of my old visions have become manifest here. If you think you can, you can; If you think you can’t you’re probably right! Believe in your visions, hold them in your hearts and, if they are in service of some greater good (or not?) you can count on the divine energy of this universe to offer aid in fulfillment.

Today you can see that same old powerpoint with its new meaning under the tab “sanctuary”. One day I won’t need that attachment to remind me that we are immense.

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