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The Strength to be Fearless

Everywhere I go, every time I tune into Facebook or the News there is fear, anxiety and anger. I was as filled with fear for the planet, for my children for the downtrodden as I could imagine.

Today I awakened to the immense beauty that is outside my windows and am reminded of the present. I am not going to sit back and do nothing, I am going to hold the intention of resolution to our fears, I am going to speak out, shout out and create the greatest intention of my life.

I know that there is a greatness in us as well as the viscousness and greed. Stand with me, act, support those who are trying to protect us from insanity that has encompassed the world but do it without fear, without despair. Do it with invigorating love and kindness for the world, all our relations, our friends and our families. Renew yourself every day with the beauty that is Mother Earth. She will help you to find the vision to help, the strength to be courageous. Thank you Great Spirit for waking me up today!

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