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Weather Working from the Heart

I had my initiates here last weekend for their vision quest. It had been very dry and windy for a week and we needed a large fire for the sweat lodge. I got all of them to sing an ancient song with me. I prayed that the weather would help us out. Help us help us help us. Please protect this sacred space so that we may bring our love and ceremony to the world. With all in witness, they watched as the 20 mph winds ceased for an hour while we built up the fire. When the winds returned they came with a loving rain and all was well. As soon as we came out of the lodge, the rain stopped and my initiates had a glorious and dry weekend for their vision quest and just as I went on the mountain to retrieve them after 4 days a thunderstorm rolled in.

We are the creator or maybe I should say a photon of the great mysterious light. When we no longer see any separation we understand our own immensity within. If we walk on the space where we dwell sending love into the universe, that space will be healed. I just send love and light to those lost in the darkness of separation. If each of us who is waking up to the beauty takes responsibility for this new awareness, shares it, feeds it we can bring our world back into balance. Without fear, without separation, those dark ones will starve.

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