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A Clear Guidance

One thing I cherish about the work I get to do for The Sacred Earth Foundation is the synchronicity and the clear guidance I have received. I would like to share the story of how The Sacred Earth Foundation came alive.

I lived with my partner, John, at the time and he introduced me to Elliot Cowan and the Sacred Fire Community. For nearly 7 years I was able to join the community and travel to Mexico to do ceremony with the Huichol people. I saw people who had so little in material wealth but so much in spiritual fulfillness. I also realized that; only the indigenous peoples of the world who still retain their cultural wisdom, live in true harmony with Mother Earth. The greed of capitalism is destroying the very home which nurtures us.

I decided that I wanted to start a non-profit that would conserve indigenous wisdoms. I filled out all the paperwork myself and finally received my 501 C3 status in 2004. Sadly, my partner whom I supported in his wish to become a Marakame' (shaman) in the Huichol tradition, seemed to feel threatened by my desire to begin Sacred Earth. He discouraged me constantly saying it would never come to fruition.

Finally, I realized that there was a lot of toxic energy in this relationship and I moved into a home with 2 roommates whom I barely knew. Within days I was in the hospital for back surgery as I had hurt myself during the move. My son drove me to the hospital and one of my roommates drove me home. I was lying on a chair in the back yard and all the pain of my life came out of my mouth. I cried and wailed and; suddenly, I could literally feel Mother Earth holding me. I could see the tiniest bugs flying around on the other side of the yard and see a web of life in the sky. Suddenly I found myself saying, "Great Mystery, help me find my path, help me to see how to make The Sacred Earth Foundation breathe."

I went to bed that night and; early in the morning, I received a phone call from a complete Stranger. He said,:" Hello my name is Steve Copland and I'm the Producer of a documentary. We're hoping you will consider having The Sacred Earh Foundation become an umbrella for our company." I asked him what the film was about and then watched the trailor with tears streaming down my cheeks. It was the story of the life of Don Alejandro Carillo Perez Oxlaj, The Wandering Wolf .

After a visit to a lawyer to make sure it would be legal to become their umbrella, I signed their contract and; within a few weeks was hosting Don Alejandro in Santa Barbara, Califonia.

I can't imagine; in my wildest dreams, a time where my prayers were answered so quickly.


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